Sunset Adventures in Yellowstone National Park | West Yellowstone, MT | Teva & Peter

July 3, 2021

I’ve got no words to describe how fun, special, and exciting this shoot was. These two have got to be some of the coolest, most genuine and spontaneous people I’ve ever met. They’re actually living IN Yellowstone for the summer, working for the park! How incredible is that?! We found an open field to run around in as the sun went down as I captured these two’s fun-loving and adventurous selves. At one point during the shoot I was having them run and dance around a whole bunch while they were laughing nonstop and Peter said, “you’re really just capturing what we do all the time.” It was a casual statement but that really is what it’s all about, documenting a couple’s connection and showing off who they are together. I’m so thankful that I got to connect with these two and document a peek into their unforgettable Yellowstone summer.