Summertime in Alaska Engagements, Virgin Falls & A Sunny Field | Girdwood, AK | Bridget & Robby

August 2, 2021

I got to take engagement photos for the actual sweetest couple during my latest Alaska trip, what a treat that was. Born and raised in Alaska, these two were able to show me around some of their favorite places in Girdwood.

Bridget and Robby were actually both at the wedding that I filmed in Anchorage the summer prior which is how I was able to connect with them during this trip! They’re getting married at the end of this year in Kona, Hawaii- I’m beyond excited for them and cannot wait to see how their destination wedding comes together.

This shoot was way too fun, I ended up sending them 397 photos. (I always send a ton but that’s definitely on the higher side!) You’ll be able to tell that I also had a hard time narrowing down what to include in this blog post. We shot a second outfit on some gorgeous Alyeska trails after these, I figured I’d put those in a separate post. I’ll link that here once it’s up 🙂